The Glimmer on the Scorched Earth.

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Throughout my childhood, I’ve always found myself gravitating towards war time movies. I revel in them not only because of the extremely breathtaking and dramatic storyline and the costly hi-tech visual and sound effects, but also because of the introspection of war that is behind the scenes. The Glimmer on The Scorched Earth is inspired by a Chinese movie called The City of Life and Death which depicts the Nanjing Massacre, the darkest page during World War II, even the whole history of human civilization: After the Japanese army occupied Nanjing which was then known as the capital of China, they murdered at least 300,000 people including the Nanjing civilians and the disarmed or injured Chinese soldiers. Having watched this movie, I told myself that I had to write something as a composer to express my understanding about war.

The Glimmer on The Scorched, war movie, World War II, The City of Life and Death, the Nanjing Massacre