More than a Sandbox: Great Power Competition and the Middle State in the Middle East




Zeigler, Josiah

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Great Power Competition and the Middle State as seen in the Middle East: As China and the United States accelerate towards global great power competition the Middle East is becoming a critical region for either country. Straddling Europe and Asia, the Middle East’s oil, global shipping lanes, and strategic positioning makes it a fault line in the struggle for global hegemony. Using G. John Ikenberry’s dual hierarchy theory to frame the current competition and paired with historical analysis of prior great power competitions in the MENA region, the thesis posits that American success in the Middle East is contingent upon strong ties with critical middle states and primacy in the military sphere of hegemonic competition. The strength of the military must however be paired with strong selective economic engagement which highlights shared regional goals between the United States and Arab middle states.



Middle East, China in the Middle East, The United States in the Middle East, Great Power Competition, The Ottoman Empire, Cold War Egypt