Political Theology: Canonical and Contemporary Approaches




Sosnowski, Courtney

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How can Christians understand their relationship to secular politics? This is the basic question of “political theology” as I use this term. I approach this question by examining St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, and John Calvin. Using the framework of these theologians, I then examine Americans today and attempt to discern the degree to which they are even cognizant of various approaches to political theology and what views they actually hold.

My argument is that many Christian Americans can be categorized in a manner that shows their connection to these canonical approaches. First, there are those who hold an “integrated” view, believing that the state is supposed to instantiate and maintain basic Christian values. Second, there exists a “distanced” view that places less emphasis on the overlap between the two spheres. Specifically, I flesh out these two views by examining the Liberal Revanchists, Catholic Integralists, and the Benedict Option.



Political Science., Theology.