The Baylor Angel Network: A Guidebook for Analysts




Egan, Chris

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For many early-stage companies, one of the primary methods of securing funding is through angel networks, which exist to connect investors to entrepreneurs with developed business plans. One of these angel networks exists directly as part of Baylor University - the Baylor Angel Network. The BAN model seeks to both increase the value-add to the entrepreneur while also incorporating an academic component through the recruitment of undergraduate Analysts. In the role of student Analysts, Senior Analysts assist the Executive Director in fulfilling operational roles of BAN, while also analyzing and screening deals submitted to the network. Not only do Analysts receive hands-on education, Analysts also undergo an educational curriculum. The Analyst Guidebook has been created as to record and simplify established processes while further developing analytical frameworks in order to minimize the learning curve, streamline processes, improve operational efficiency, and further increase the overall value-add of the Baylor Angel Network.



The Baylor Angel Network: A Guidebook for Analysts