The Impact of the Factory Model of Education in Central Texas




Stokes, Kelsey

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The purpose of this study is to explore the elements of Taylorism, or the factory model of education as proposed by Fredrick W. Taylor, and to show its implementation in schools today. The style of writing is narrative inquiry and offers both quantitative and qualitative data to support the claims of the thesis. This thesis outlines a brief and broad history of Taylorism in the first chapter and shows how it has adapted over time. The second chapter then narrows the focus and shows how Taylorism has remained in Texas and how it has affected schools and faculty alike. The third chapter then focuses on two sample schools in central Texas and shows the proponents of Taylorism and how they have been implemented. This chapter serves as specific evidence and examples of Taylorism in the educational system today. Finally, the fourth and final chapter is a synthesis of Taylorism and its impact as well as offers suggestions for future changes in the educational system.



Secondary Education