Elementary Music Teachers’ Knowledge and Attitudes Toward the Use of Adaptive Materials for Students with Disabilities




Smith, Kaylee

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Depending on the severity of students’ disabilities, some students might require or benefit from general music lesson alterations. To create the least restrictive environment for students with disabilities, teachers must adapt, accommodate, or modify materials, space usage, time spent instructing, and instruction modality. This study aimed to survey regional elementary music teachers to discover their knowledge and attitudes toward the use of adaptive materials before and after a demonstration. Participants (N=17) attended a regional Texas Orff-Schulwerk workshop in March 2022. Each participant was a certified elementary music teacher in Texas. Survey questions included teaching experience, the prevalence of disabilities in their classrooms, and familiarity with adaptive tools. Following the pretest, the researcher explained the definition of adaptive materials and their purpose, along with providing information regarding the current literature’s findings on adaptive materials. To assess the effectiveness of a demonstration on educator perceptions of adaptive materials in the elementary music classroom, a dependent sample t-test was conducted. Results showed that a demonstration effectively increased educator knowledge and improved attitudes towards adaptive materials. Further research is needed on student response to adaptive materials in the classroom.



Music education., Disabilities., Adaptive materials., Elementary music., Special education.