To The Moon or Destined For Doom: A History of Blockchain Investing and Guide for Investing




Owens, Claire

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In the past decade, there has been an explosion of interest centered around the viability, volatility, and future of blockchain technology. The optimist argues that cryptocurrency will replace any nation-backed currency and soon almost all technology will be blockchain backed. On the other hand, the skeptic argues that cryptocurrency is worthless asset class and is effectively a ticking time bomb that offers no material value. As recent years have shown, some nations believe that cryptocurrency can be the solution to high inflation, corruption, and lengthy payment times, while other individuals have lost millions due to blockchain hackers and see it as untrustworthy and dangerous. In the midst of the controversy, many private investors have flocked to the blockchain industry for investment without a sound idea of what to screen for. It has become all the clearer that a cohesive understanding of blockchain capabilities and suggested benchmarks to value investment is needed going forward. A holistic view of the team, company fit within the ecosystem, and use of blockchain technology must be analyzed to offer a sound basis for investment.



To The Moon or Destined for Doom: A History of Blockchain Technology and Guide for Investing