The effect of small versus large group learning on music reading accuracy in the choral classroom.




Braucht, Melanie J.

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The purpose of this study was to compare the impact of two different modes of instruction (large group and small group learning) on the music reading accuracy of high school choir singers. Participants (n = 63) included members of intermediate and advanced level women's choirs who varied in age, ethnicity, experience, and level of proficiency. For treatment A, large group learning, participants sight read sixteen measures of a piece of music in a large group formation with teacher-led instruction. For treatment B, the participants followed the same procedure with new music in small group formations with student-led instruction. Students were recorded individually while singing within concert formation at the conclusion of each treatment. Results showed significantly higher mean scores for treatment B, small group learning, than for treatment A, large group learning, indicating that small group learning may be a more effective means of improving music reading accuracy.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 31-33).


Choral singing -- Instruction and study., Sight-reading (Music)., Singing -- Methods -- Group instruction.