The Ecology of the Sabbath




Bell, Lucas

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There is an ecological web of interrelationships within the Sabbath, consisting of God, man, the land, animals, and time. This Ecology of the Sabbath is beautifully intricate, and holds wisdom regarding man’s role within the ecology. This thesis dives into the Sabbath in the Jewish tradition, largely through the perspective of Abraham Joshua Heschel and the Old Testament, and how the Sabbath was fulfilled with the coming of Christ in the New Testament. Furthermore, there is analysis of multiple modern environmental practices in the form of article review, with discussion on how these practices are inherently connected to the principles of the Sabbath, and how the benefits are representative of the healthy relationship that is present. I see a gap in modern Christian’s relationship with the Sabbath and the environment, but understanding our role within the ecologic web of the Sabbath can assist in a change of perspective –toward a more Biblical relationship with the rest of Creation.



Relationships within the sabbath., Environmental ethics., Dominion., Creation care.