The role of mentoring in the developmental experiences of Baptist pastors in Texas: a case study.




Godfrey, J. Michael (James Michael)

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This grounded theory, multiple case study addressed the need for improvement in the training of Baptist pastors for practical ministry. The researcher posed the research question, "What is the role of mentoring in the developmental experiences of Baptist pastors in Texas?" The research purpose was to discover if and how mentoring was used by Baptist pastors and, if used, what effect Baptist pastors perceived mentoring may have had on their professional development. The research question inquired into the role of mentoring as an ameliorative educational approach to improve the training of pastors. Results from the interviews of 15 pastors in the study indicated that mentoring did play a valuable role in the professional development of Baptist pastors in Texas. Pastors' thoughts concerning mentoring as compared to other professional development opportunities; their personal involvement in mentoring; their preferences and expectations concerning mentoring and; the perceived benefits of mentoring were all explored. The study yielded 17 grounded theory propositions and suggestions for future research.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 223-241).


Mentoring in the professions -- Clergy -- Baptists --- Texas., Mentoring in church work -- Clergy -- Baptists --- Texas.