In Advocacy of Equity Pedagogy: The Rise and Fall of the Raza Studies Program




Meyer, Elyse

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Equity pedagogy is a framework earlier referenced in Bank and Banks’ (1995) tenets of multicultural education. In the contemporary sense, it is explored through the implementation and removal of an ethnic studies program known as Raza Studies. As a district response to low attendance, participation, and graduation of Latino/a students, this program was established in the Tucson Unified School District and then eliminated because of its perceived anti-American views and explicit discussions of race and social class. This thesis utilizes a descriptive case study approach using archival analysis to answer the research question: How was equity pedagogy implemented in the rise and fall of the Raza Studies program? Findings reveal evidence of equity pedagogy in each phase of the case study. The final section provides recommendations for students, teachers, and policy to advocate for the use of equity pedagogy in today’s public schools.