Prepared Peer Mentoring in College Students




Munroe, Rebecca

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During my time at college, I have had good mentors and not so good mentors. I myself have been a good mentor and a not so good mentor. What made this difference between my experience as a good mentor and a not as great mentor? The level of preparation I was given for each opportunity. Peer mentoring has a significant impact on the retention rate and success of college students, if they are prepared. Topics a mentor should have an understanding of include: education and career goals and appraisal, emotional and psychological support, academic subject knowledge support, being a role model, time management, study skills, civic engagement, and working with others. Mentors can also have an impact on the leadership development of a student through an understanding of consciousness of self, congruence, commitment, collaboration, common purpose, controversy with civility, citizenship, and change. Mentors should also have ideas for how to support students with roommate issues, anxiety and depression, and potentially death. Finally, student mentors should use transformational, servant, and authentic leadership styles with their students. Peer mentors have an important impact upon their students. Because of this impact, they should have adequate recourses and education on how to interact with students.