Religion and its effects on Generation X in the public sphere : the shift in religiosity in young Americans.




Fitz-Chapman, Brittany M.

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My purpose is to examine how the "religious terrain" is being altered, how trends now in place among members of this generation may be transforming the most basic conceptions of religion and spirituality, our interpretations of historic religious beliefs and symbols, and even our understanding of the sacred itself. By exploring various levels and spheres of influence and change, a clear picture is drawn for future interactions between youth and religion. Wade Roof Clark described religion in America as a "beautiful colored kaleidoscope" that frames and dictates the structure and continuity of society. However, with the lines continually blurring between public and private life, what was once a sacred private element of one's self is now appearing on display. This paper will show that with this pull of religion into the public sphere that believers will become steadfast and increasingly loyal in their beliefs instead of caving to societal pressures.



Religion., Generation X., Young Americans.