A New Inductively Driven Plasma Generator (IPG6)—Setup and Initial Experiments



Dropmann, Michael
Herdrich, Georg
Laufer, Rene
Puckert, Dominik
Fulge, Hannes
Fasoulas, Stefanos
Schmoke, Jimmy
Cook, Mike
Hyde, Truell Wayne.

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IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science


As part of the partnership between the Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics and Engineering Research (CASPER) at Baylor University and the Institute of Space Systems (IRS) at the University of Stuttgart, a new design for a modular inductively driven plasma generator (IPG) is being developed and tested within CASPER and the IRS. The current IPG design is built on a well-established heritage of modular IPGs designed and operated at IRS. This latest IPG source enables the electrodeless generation of high-enthalpy plasmas and will provide CASPER researchers with the ability to operate with various gases at plasma powers of approximately 15 kW. It will also provide minimized field losses and operation over a wide scope of parameters not possible using existing designs requiring flow-controlled stabilization. The setup of the two facilities in Stuttgart (IPG6-S) and at Baylor (IPG6-B) is described, and results from the first characterization with air plasma are presented. Furthermore, the objectives of the test facilities will be described shortly.




IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 41(4), 804-810