"Can You See Right Through Me?" Examining the Impact Of Taylor Swift's Discography On College-Aged Women Through TikTok




Parsons, Annaleise

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Women in college experience a variety of mental health concerns from eating disorders to maladaptive perfectionism to loneliness. Many college-aged women use artist Taylor Swift’s songs to express their mental health concerns and create a community with one another. I created a dataset from the social media platform, TikTok, using a methodology which allowed me to select TikToks based on hashtags, audio sounds, and trends, using the platform’s “Search” feature. Through a process of thematic coding, I concluded the primary themes were fear of failure, rejection, perfectionism, the role of the eldest daughter, first-generation guilt, and parental relationships. I argue that through Swift’s rhetoric and melodies, college-aged women have created a social media community about a journey through identity reformation from internal and external pressures. In this thesis, I explore how each of the themes is important to college women and how they express the themes through social media.



Mental health., Taylor Swift., TikTok., College women., Perfectionism., Eating disorder., Friendship., Music., Social media.