Marijuana Dependence, Predictability from Levels of Impulsivity and Schizotypy in College-Aged Students




Slate, Rachel

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In this investigation, a survey was administered to 1,797 undergraduate students at Baylor University regarding the relationship between marijuana consumption and dependence, levels of impulsivity, and symptoms of schizotypal personality disorder. Correlational procedures revealed the presence of statistically significant relationships between total marijuana dependence and three subscales of the Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire (Ideas of Reference, Odd Beliefs or Magical Thinking, and Unusual Perceptual Experiences); also, statistically significant relationships between the Attention subscale, the Motor subscale, and the Non-planning subscale of the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale and the same three subscales of the SPQ were present. Three hierarchical linear regression analyses revealed that scores on three subscales of the SPQ were weak predictors of marijuana dependence after controlling for scores on the three BIS subscales. Implications for these findings are discussed and recommendations for future research are made.



Psychology., Schizotypy., Schizotypal personality disorder., Schizotypal personality questionnaire., Marijuana., Cannibis., Impulsivity., Barratt impulsiveness scale., Severity of dependence scale.