Delegates of Love: A Historical Narrative of Mission Waco and Portraits of Humanity




Cox, Victoria

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Cicero deems friendship the greatest gift afforded to humankind; Jewish philosopher Martin Buber claims relationships are fundamental to the essence of living; Jesus presents the Golden Rule, to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, as the greatest commandment. Each of these shares the common characteristic of transformative ministry, a characteristic fundamental to the work of Mission Waco. Through in-depth interviews with Mission Waco leadership, workers, and participants, I seek to uncover the purpose, motives, and legacy of Mission Waco. This thesis then analyzes and presents these findings through an array of different angles, including an in-depth exposé of Mission Waco and a series of profiles of program participants. I conclude that as an avenue of Christian love, Mission Waco may be distinguished not only for its practical and effective approach to fighting poverty and social injustices, but also for its commitment to transformative Christian relation.



Poverty reduction. Christian missions. Empowerment.