The impact of the internship experience on interns’ self-perceived preparedness to teach in a technology rich society : a mixed methods multiple case study.


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Preservice teacher education programs are the foundation of the future generations of teachers, and the pinnacle of beginning teacher training is the internship experience. A gap in educational literature exists in relation to the role of the internship experience in the development of preservice teachers’ understanding of teaching students to be prepared for a technology rich society through the integration of technology, pedagogy, and content. Using a mixed methods approach 33 preservice teacher interns were surveyed to examine potential change in interns’ perceptions and actions regarding their preparedness to teach in a technology rich society. Six embedded cases were analyzed holistically to examine the factors that impacted the interns’ understanding and use of technology over the course of a one-semester internship. The results of this study indicated little change in interns’ self-perceived preparedness to teach in a technology rich society, however it was determined that the effects of the internship experience were individualized and influenced by multiple factors. Implications for practice and additional research recommendations are provided.



TPACK. Teacher education. Student teaching.