Translation and Interpretation of Gregory Nazianzus' Oration 38 "On the Theophany of Christ"




Forsythe, Lance

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Gregory Nazianzus, one of the three Cappadocian Fathers, was an important pillar of the early Orthodox Church and continues to be a major contributor to Trinitarian theology. The foundation of this thesis is a translation of Gregory’s Oration 38 and thoroughly explores the context, interpretations, and cultural significance of the oration; it also affords insight into Gregory’s canon as a whole. The work argues the benefits to be gained from studying Gregory’s texts through the lens of festal anamnesis and mimesis – literary devices that enhance his call for reform in the present era. Although Gregory intended for his congregation to serve as his primary audience, the methods presented in his works are still applicable to today’s church practices.



Festal Anamnesis in Gregory Nazianzus' Orations, Festal Mimesis in Gregory Nazianzus' Orations