The Journey to Physician: French and American Medical Education through a Comparative Lens




Grunkemeyer, Graciela

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Medical school is notoriously challenging both academically and physically, and media sources often portray an inaccurate version of the journey a physician takes to become a doctor. This thesis is a bicultural examination of medical students’ experience achieved through analysis of existing research and personal interviews. Following an overview of the medical education systems in France and the United States, the personal accounts of current medical trainees add a nuanced perspective to the reality of medical school. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected medical training due to quarantine and virtual education—noteworthy to the medical student experience. Finally, the thesis investigates an aspect of the American medical school curriculum, osteopathy versus allopathy, revealing a distinguishing element that the French medical education system lacks.



American Medical School, French Medical School, Bicultural Comparison, Medical Student Mental Health