(In)effective communication strategies among church leadership : assessing the influence of communication channels on effective communication between church leadership and their members during the Coronavirus shutdown.


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The Coronavirus shutdown forced many churches to move from in-person services to a purely online platform. The purpose of this study is to look into the communicative strategies that churches employed during the Coronavirus shutdown to communicate with their members and outreach their community through the use of different communication channels. This study analyzes the effect of limited communication channels on church communication. Data was collected through interviews with 21 staff members and leaders at different Christian churches. This study used qualitative methods and network sampling to find and interview participants. All data was coded using a thematic analysis, generated from the components of Channel Expansion Theory, to analyze trends among interviews. This paper provides a discussion of effective church communication that offers insight into both the scholarly field of communication and practical strategies.



Church communication. Coronavirus. Online church. Organizational communication. Ministry. Effective communication. Channel Expansion Theory.