Using photovoice as a PAR/CBPR qualitative data collection tool for the health of women participating in AVANCE-El Paso programs.




Garcia, Lindsay K. Hendryx.

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Photovoice is a qualitative data collection tool combining photography and participant narratives to create descriptive evidence of everyday health realities. This research study was an implementation of photovoice as a PAR/CBPR method to assess health needs of women participating in AVANCE-El Paso programs. Participants built narratives around photos they took regarding allergies, mental health, domestic violence, nutrition, and health care. From the results, many available community assets are visible, but also the need for skill-building interventions to encourage improved health habits. Data also indicates the need for social systems change for improved access to health care for underinsured community members. This research may be used to reach policy makers and community leaders to create positive change that benefits the quality of life of participants and similar populations.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 88-92).


Hispanic American women -- Health and hygiene --- Texas --- El Paso., Documentary photography., Quality of life --- Texas --- El Paso.