An Arduino Uno Implementation of the Perturb and Observe Maximum Point Power Tracking Algorithm in Photovoltaic Panels




Anderson II , William Lyell

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Manually tracking the weather-dependent point of maximum power production in photovoltaic panels can become a time-consuming endeavor, requiring one to sweep through the panel’s PV curve several times a day in order to obtain data on panel performance. In this experiment, an automatic closed-loop control system featuring the Arduino Uno will be designed to automate the data acquisition process by implementing the Perturb and Observe tracking algorithm. Other essential system components include three power electronics circuits: a diode bridge rectifier, buck-boost converter, and MOSFET firing circuit. The rectifier and converter will be used to down-convert the unregulated, time-varying voltage supplied by the solar panel to a regulated voltage safe for use as a feedback signal to the Arduino. Using this signal as an estimated settling point, the Arduino will then be able to track the point of maximum power production by driving the MOSFET without user intervention throughout any given day.



Maximum Point Power Tracking, Power Tracking, Photovoltaic Panels, Solar Panels, Arduino