The Permanent Impermanence Project: What Role Can Museums Play in Street Art and Graffiti?




Quinn, Hannah

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Street art and graffiti in the public conscience is a topic that is often left out of academic journals. The need to find a way to preserve this art form is the key concept at the heart of this project. While online documentation plays a significant role in this process, I am primarily interested in the possible role of the museum in the preservation process. Even though I am advocating museum involvement in the world of street art and graffiti, I am in no way suggesting that the process is as simple as taking the work off of the streets and putting it into a “sterile, disinfected gallery or a restrictive museum.” The context of this art form is as important as the actual content. That being said, museum professionals have certain skills and backgrounds that can help the street art and graffiti community grow and further connect with the culture and environment around them. To do this though will require a rethinking of what it means to be a museum.