Repatriation of cultural property in museums: a balance of values and national agendas.




Lemoine, April J.

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The issue of repatriation is global in nature and of great significance to the museum community. The problems involving issues such as nationalism, cultural attitudes, and definitions of ownership, complicate matters when requests for the return of cultural property are made. This study examines case studies that represent some of the primary issues and precedents set in the global repatriation debate. It also examines several national initiatives dealing with the repatriation of native cultural property, to illustrate the current state of repatriation worldwide. Existing values are applied to the case studies and to national initiatives, forming a system that will allow the museum community to objectively carry out the decision-making process of repatriation.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 50-54).


Cultural Property -- Repatriation., Elgin marbles., Rosetta stone., United States -- Cultural policy., New Zealand -- Cultural policy., Australia -- Cultural policy.