The Ethics of Using Genetic Technology in Relation to Reproduction




Fifer, Hannah

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A boom in the understanding of genetics since the mid-twentieth century has manifested itself in the development of various technologies related to the human genome. Among these technological developments are those relating specifically to reproduction. Parents now have the ability to detect chromosomal abnormalities during the course of a pregnancy. They also have the ability to screen for various genetic disorders among embryos before deciding which to implant in the uterus. Currently, research is underway exploring the possibility of altering the germline cells of parents in order to alter the genes of succeeding generations. The use of this technology is often to prevent certain types of people from coming into existence and to promote others. This thesis examines the available and emerging genetic reproductive technologies, their relation to eugenics, and some key ethical considerations for the Christian trying to assess the purpose and value of these various technologies.



Genetic reproductive technology., Disability., Eugenics., Gene therapy., Prenatal screening and diagnostic tests., Genetics., Reproduction., Ethics., Christian.