The Examined Life: A Transformational Journey Towards Holistic Education

Frey, Morgan
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Within a changing world, education is continuously being molded to address the specific needs of both students and communities. For the development of schools to be effective, students must be at the center of all educational decisions because they are the primary reason for the existence of education. Through the work of the U.S. Department of Education, they have defined four specific areas of focus that play pivotal roles in developing character within students. One of the focuses is on teacher training. Therefore, to strengthen character development within schools, the work of Nel Noddings, Parker Palmer, Maxine Greene, and various experts on education will generate an instructional model that will be a tool for teachers as they engage in transforming the lives of all students. The model will focus on teaching to the mind and heart, but will be applied through relationships and experiences, ultimately cultivating caring and confident global citizens.

Holistic Education