Investigation of Different Trauma Types that May Result in PTSD




Silvester, Kelsey

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Trauma is a common stressor that many people have experienced or will experience at some point during their lifetime. For some, this trauma will lead to persistent, chronic, stress and life-altering symptoms that are associated with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Several different types of trauma can lead to the development of PTSD. This review will focus on PTSD from military trauma, personal trauma (including sexual and physical abuse), exposure to natural disaster, and involvement in a motor vehicle accident. Individuals with PTSD struggle with neural abnormalities and the disorder also results in other pathology including depression and anxiety. Notably, PTSD does not appear to be trauma specific and various traumas, such as those discussed in this review, can all lead to the characteristic symptoms and pathology. Several efficacious treatments for PTSD have been identified including CBT, EMDR, PE, virtual reality, CPT, and IPT. Further research should continue to focus on efficacious treatments as well as providing resources to individuals who have experienced traumatic events. A special emphasis should be placed on making treatment available to victims that currently do not have the means to attain it.



Posttraumatic stress disorder., Combat exposure., PTSD., Sexual assault., Physical assault., Motor vehicle accident., Natural disaster.