More than tools : can media literacy emerge from teacher development in technology? : a narrative study.


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Media literacy challenges both students and teachers alike to think carefully and critically about the media and new technology tools. The purpose of this narrative study was to gain understanding of the teachers that have formed the group called the E5 to address instructional technology integration in a rural community school setting. It was the researcher's main question to understand if the E5 was also integrating media literacy core principles and key questions simultaneously with educational technology. Findings of the narrative data highlighted the emergent themes of self-efficacy/risk taking, student collaboration/transfer of power, and relationships/trust. Implications of the study call for an explicit media literacy educational movement for both pre-service teacher education programs and in-service teacher development.



Media literacy. Educational technology. Professional development. Pre-service teacher education. Digital literacies. Multiple literacies. Critical thinking. Media literacy education.