Prophets in the Sky

Patterson, Alexander
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Prophets in the Sky is the story of a single mother whose son comes out as gay. The main theme of the work is unconditional love: both of mother to son, but also son to mother. It is the responsibility of the mother to love and care for her son, just as it is the responsibility of the son to love and care for his mother. Many families lose sight of this while struggling to deal with issues of sexuality and gender identity. Many parents insist it is not right and try to control their kids, while the children call their parents bigots and ignore them. Often times, neither side is right. Both see the issue as an impossible divide, but it does not need to be. Prophets in the Sky is an exploration of the middle ground based in my experiences while coming out, greater theological arguments, and the unconditional love of family.

creative writing, Catholicism, homosexuality