Development of the particle technology research portfolio online reporting tool.


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Baylor University is part of the Particle Computed Tomography (pCT) Research Collective which performs research in medical imaging using protons and other particles to quickly and accurately image the human body. Data sharing between the researchers and the ability to process the received data and reconstruct images is imperative to continuing in this work. The system previously in place was highly reliant on the users and processing was limited to the few who developed the code base. This document details the design and implementation of the Particle Technology Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool which allows users to upload data to a common database, search through previously uploaded data sets, and select data sets to be processed on Baylor’s Kodiak computing cluster. This tool prioritizes the security of medical data and allows for future expansion of the system to the clinics where pCT imaging machines will be installed and utilized.



Particle Computed Tomography.