Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: A Community Problem, A Community Solution




O'Donnell, Hannah

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Domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) is the commercial exploitation of US citizens under the age of 18. This phenomenon, though often hidden or ignored, is prevalent across United States and in our communities. This study begins by reviewing literature relevant to understanding and addressing DMST. This study then takes a closer look at the town of Waco, TX and how community members are addressing the issue of DMST in their community. Using a community-based participatory research approach, semi-structured interviews with eleven community members representing nine different community partners were qualitatively coded to identify common themes about strengths and assets, challenges and areas of growth, and future recommendations. Findings from this study can help to grow existing assets, address areas of growth in Waco and translate strengths found in Waco to other communities to aid their fight against DMST.



Domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST)., Social work., Community practice.