Addressing Healthcare-Related Bankruptcy: A Comparative Analysis of Healthcare Systems in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, and Canada




Klein, Madeline

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This thesis examines the United States healthcare system as the leading cause of personal bankruptcy, despite attempts to mitigate financial burdens. It investigates the system’s financing mechanisms and evaluates the United States initiatives to address these challenges. By comparing the United States’ system with those of the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, and Canada, this study identifies successful strategies these countries have implemented to alleviate financial burdens on their citizens. Drawing lessons from these comparisons, this thesis proposes potential solutions that could be adapted to enhance the U.S. healthcare system’s affordability and accessibility. This research aims to provide insights into how the U.S. can address the issue of healthcare-related financial hardship, offering policy recommendations to enhance the affordability and accessibility of healthcare for all citizens.



Healthcare finance., Personal bankruptcy., United States healthcare system., International healthcare systems., Suggestions to fix the system.