The next big thing : a creative and innovative management case study of an internet video startup company.




Korpi, Joel P.

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This research is a case study of an Internet Video startup company in which data are generated primarily through participant observation and qualitative interviews. The research employs Creative and Innovative Management Theory (CIM) as a lens to analyze the startup company as it operates in its second round of venture capital funding. Key factors considered in this CIM approach are drivers (trends, needs/problems, opportunities/whitespaces, crises), talent (internal and external), issue generation (technological, economic, legal/regulatory, socio-cultural), acts of management (organizational structure, organizational structure, strategic planning, culture/environment, strategic alliances), and feedback. CIM proves useful in explaining the company’s successes, as well as the areas in which it was less than successful. The research reiterates the importance of aligning management decision-making to market drivers and issues; it also underscores the importance of feedback loops to inform management acts, especially when markets experience disruptive change due to rapid advances in technology.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 101-109).


New business enterprises - Case studies., Decision making - Case studies., Internet marketing -- Management - Case studies., Personnel management - Case studies., Internet entertainment industry.