The Depletion of DACA: State-Specific, Layered Policies and Immigrant Health in the Past Decade




Cousar, Anne Douglas

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This study provides a detailed overview of the implementation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and its potential associations with immigrant health in recent years. A state-level focus is crucial given significant gaps within the federal policy. I specifically examine the DACA recipient populations in Texas and California to identify how various inclusive and exclusive state policies misalign with federal DACA policy and potentially contribute to overall immigrant health. As a descriptive, empirical illustration, I summarize trends present within diverse national datasets, including those made available through Health and Human Services in Texas and California. To conclude, I offer potential explanations for these observed trends and limitations surrounding their interpretation. Overall, the importance of state policy and social environment cannot be overlooked, especially while the future of federal DACA policy remains inconclusive.