Music and suggestion to manage chronic pain and improve quality of life : a feasibility study.


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Chronic pain is a growing health concern. Chronic pain is a complex and subjective experience that places significant burden on patients, their families and society. Chronic pain is difficult to treat and traditional medical treatments may not be effective. There is evidence that music and suggestion may be useful in managing chronic pain, however, this knowledge is limited. This thesis tested the feasibility of music and therapeutic suggestion among 10 chronic pain sufferers through accrual rates, acceptability, attrition, and treatment satisfaction. The potential effects of the intervention were explored through baseline and endpoint measures of pain, pain bothersomeness, distress, fatigue, quality of life, anxiety and depression. Results indicate the intervention was well accepted and participants reported decreases in pain, pain bothersomeness, fatigue, anxiety, and depression from baseline to endpoint. This thesis provides information about the feasibility and possible effects of music and suggestion for chronic pain management.



Chronic pain. Music. Suggestion. Feasibility.