An exploration of flow through the leisure pursuits of adult science fiction fans.




Little, Cindy C.

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The purpose of this ethnographic, cross case study analysis was to a) explore why individuals have a sustaining interest in science fiction-related leisure activities, b) describe the role, if any that Csikszentmihalyi's theory of flow plays in the continuation of these activities, c) explain how these interests initially developed, and d) determine if science fiction related knowledge transfers to other domains. Results from interviews with 10 adult science fiction fans revealed that elements of flow were found across cases and that science fiction-related knowledge transferred to other domains. Patterns found relating to flow, development, change and evolution and transfer clustered into one of three overarching categories that contributed to the development of and sustaining interest in science fiction-related leisure activities. Practical significance as it relates to the role of interest in learning as well as possible avenues for future research was discussed.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 133-137).


Science fiction fans., Science fiction -- Collectors and collecting., Recreation.