Nora in Phantasmagoria




Lockyear, Mitchell

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Nora in Phantasmagoria is a fantasy novel for children inspired by the works of George Macdonald and Lewis Carroll. This thesis uses the medium of fantasy to provide new light in examining our beliefs and assumptions. In the story, Nora steps out of her world when she gets off her train at the abandoned train stop 13. Suddenly she is in a world where she constantly meets with the unexpected. Nora journeys through a cave lit by stars to a country of woodcutters who have chopped down all their trees and have nothing left to do. She is enslaved in a molasses factory, only to escape into the middle of a hundred year old conflict in which a goat plays a principle role. At the end of her journey, she must confront her fears and embrace the possibility of making a difference even at the cost of her own life.



Novel, Children's, Fantasy, Creative Writing, English