La identidad femenina en tres obras de escritoras latinoamericanas contemporáneas.




Reyes Barriéntez, Alicia.

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In the last decades we have witnessed the flourishing of a literature written by Latin American women whose objective is to explore the treatment of feminine identity and all of the concerns related to the topic. This literature, of a clearly feminist character, has allowed the widespread dissemination of the feminine voice, which for centuries had been confined to the domestic sphere. This research project attempts to analyze the treatment of feminine identity in three representative novels, Maldito amor (1986) by the Puerto Rican Rosario Ferré; Arráncame la vida (1986) by the Mexican Ángeles Mastretta; and Jugo de mango (1988) by the Argentinean Angélica Gorodischer. The fundamental idea of this thesis is to demonstrate the relationship between feminine identity and political discourse in these three works. The vindication of feminine identity arises in this double context as a challenge to the direct authority of the home and the indirect authority of the government.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 89-90).


Ferré, Rosario. Maldito amor., Mastretta, Angeles, 1949- Arráncame la vida., Gorodischer, Angélica. Jugo de mango., Latin American fiction -- 20th century -- History and criticism., Latin American fiction -- Women authors -- History and criticism., Women -- Identity.