Jewelry in the Hellenistic Period: A Historical Recreation




Stubblefield, Samantha

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The Hellenistic period is from 320 B.C. to 31 B.C. and is the culmination of Greek and Egyptian cultures, that can be seen through many different artifacts. Through conquests and mutual assimilation, the Greeks and Egyptians found inspiration in each other’s work. This thesis looks at the jewelry that was influenced by the two cultures, that shows the intertwining of their styles. In this thesis, I detail the historical background of the jewelry, and then recreate each piece using modern techniques, such as 3D and laser printing, to build accurate recreations. It walks you through the process of learning the different software to 3D model and print, as well as the hands-on building process. The thesis then reflects on each process and assembly, the difficulty levels, and the attributes and limitations of the creation process.



Jewelry., Hellenistic., Greek., 3D printing., Laser printing., Recreation.