Funeral Games for Fredrick: an Odyssey of Life, Death, and Classical Studies




Black, Samuel

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"Funeral Games for Fredrick" is a feature-length dark comedy screenplay by Sam Black. Fredrick Stevens is a kindhearted, beloved, and (most importantly) deeply obsessive Classics Professor. He has been known to slip into ancient dialects during class, stage mock-Trojan-wars with his students, and collect a variety of ancient weaponry replicants—that is, until he was hit by a bus. Shortly after his death, it is revealed that, in lieu of an average funeral, he has requested in his will to be burned on a traditional Ancient Greek funeral pyre—a request that will seemingly not be possible to meet. However, Fredrick’s two closest colleagues and a student they share steal his corpse and drive it across the country in hopes to burn Fredrick with honor and, in turn, find peace within themselves. This creative thesis, written in a feature-length script format, will explore themes of death, regret, and personal identity.