From Frida Kahlo to Lady Gaga – an eclectic summer at the Dallas Museum of Art.


This internship presentation summarizes an experience as the Center for Creative Connections Intern at the Dallas Museum of Art during Summer 2017. During this internship, an evaluation was done on the Pop-up Art Spot volunteers and visitors. It provided a chance to survey visitors, observe volunteers, and gather data revolving around the Pop-up Art Spot outside the Keir Collection exhibit in the Dallas Museum of Art. The main goals of this project were: to learn what activities are most engaging to visitors and had the highest participation, to learn about visitors who access and interact with the Pop-up Art Spot, to see if visitors learn anything new from the activities provided, and to obtain volunteer feedback. Through a series of indicators and benchmarks, this data was compiled into a report that informed changes to future Pop-up Art Spot activities.



Museum Studies, Art Museum, Dallas Museum of Art, Internship, Visitor Evaluation, Volunteer Evaluation, Center for Creative Connections