Development of a diamagnetically stabilized magnetically levitated gravimeter.


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The aim of this work is to create a new type of gravimeter that can function effectively in the challenging conditions of space, specifically on the surfaces of planets and moons. The proposed device, called a diamagnetically stabilized magnetically levitated gravimeter (DSMLG), uses magnetic forces to balance a test mass against the force of gravity, allowing for accurate measurements. A diamagnetically stabilized levitation structure comprises a floating magnet, diamagnetic material, and a lifting magnet. The floating magnet levitates between two diamagnetic plates without the need for external energy input due to the interaction between the magnetic forces of the floating magnet and the stabilizing force of the diamagnetic material. This structure allows for stable levitation of the floating magnet without requiring additional energy. The goal is to design a gravimeter that is lightweight, requires minimal power, can withstand extreme temperatures and shocks, and has a low data rate. The authors envision this gravimeter being used on various robotic spacecraft, such as landers and rovers, to study the interiors of rocky and icy celestial bodies.