Tensile Test Method for the Determining of the Structural Properties of Individual Carbon Fibers




Metcalf-Doetsch, Carlton

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With the advancement and continuing integration of composite materials and technology in today's modern industries, research in this field is becoming more and more significant. Predicting these composite materials' properties and how they will react under trauma and over time is one of the most critical aspects that researchers are striving to understand and expand knowledge in. Most research exercises plural composite plies to find ways to make these predictions. Others use entire fiber bundles or resin/epoxy blocks to relate their properties to the plies they are used to form. However, what are the properties of the fibers that the fibers in the fiber bundle are composed of, and can it be used to predict the properties accurately while consuming less of the material? This thesis conveys a test method designed to determine mechanical properties and characteristics of specifically carbon fibers, but could be used for other fibers, and for use to design composite materials.



Engineering., Mechanical., Carbon fiber., Tensile Test., Individual fiber.