Walls Can Talk




Cedar, Sam

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Upon learning that a large factory in small-town Ohio is closing, tension between employees develops into violence. Though corporate greed is ultimately to blame, racial and social tensions result in a rage-fueled murder as once-friends struggle to support both their families and their dignity. Divided into three sections, Walls Can Talk is a feature length screenplay that focuses on the institutional and social powers that result in systemic poverty and discrimination, from corporate avarice to drug addiction to racial and class-fueled conflict. By portraying characters in a way that both realistically captures the nuance of intersectional communities and avoids the racial conciliation fantasies that dominant contemporary filmmaking, Walls Can Talk explores the divisions that define American society in the Trump era and the circumstances that influence individuals on all sides of the sociopolitical spectrum. Additionally, the film offers hope in the lessons learned by its characters about the value of friendship and love amidst the spread of hate.