The rhetoric of Henry Highland Garnet.




Winkelman, Diana Michelle.

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In the nineteenth century Henry Highland Garnet employed important rhetorical strategies to the abolition, colonization, and civil rights movements. His religious and patriotic appeals complemented radical and sometimes seemingly hypocritical beliefs. This thesis explores the captivating rhetoric of Henry Highland Garnet and his ability to construct new alternatives and redefine elements of debate. By utilizing the rhetoric of agitation, promoting black nationalism, and emphasizing the manhood of African American males, Garnet truly was an independent thinker and active rhetorician. This thesis will contribute to a better understanding of how Garnet emotionally appealed to his audience and contributed to significant historical and political ideas. Through looking at Garnet’s argumentative techniques as a lens of a broad rhetorical study, one can better understand how rhetoric can shape the history of ideas and instigate social and political change.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 114).


Garnett, Henry Highland 1815-1882., Rhetoric., African American political activists.