Effects of Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes on Astrocytic Activation in the Hippocampus & Hypothalamus

Tadiparthi, Amoli
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Diabetes is a metabolic disorder associated with insulin dysregulation affecting over 422 million people worldwide. This dysregulation leads to hyperglycemia -high blood glucose- which is associated with various comorbid diseases including depression and Alzheimer’s Disease. These comorbidities are presumably associated with hyperglycemia-induced brain changes. Given the role of astrocytes in glucose uptake, they provide a logical target. However, the data regarding their response is mixed. I sought to determine if astrocytes had increased reactively at a time in which the lab observes behavioral changes. Specifically, I evaluated GFAP staining of healthy control, STZ-induced hyperglycemic, and (as a positive control) lipopolysaccharide treated mice. I hypothesized that hyperglycemia would increase astrocytic reactivity in the hippocampus. However, the data indicate a trend toward a decline in astrocytic reactivity. Further research is necessary to determine if this astrocytic response to hyperglycemia is time-dependent or if the behavioral changes are driven by other cell populations.