The influence of engineering identity, harmonious passion, and obsessive passion on grit in engineering students.


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Research has shown that individuals tend to remain committed to long-term goals when they are passionate about what they are doing and when some part of their self-concept is tied to their goals. This study uses engineering identity and two distinct passion types to answer the question How does the extent of a student’s engineering identity and type of passion for engineering influence their academic grit? Based on a review of literature related to identity, harmonious passion, obsessive passion, and grit, an online survey was distributed to engineering students at Virginia Tech and Baylor University. The results indicate that harmonious passion significantly influences grit. On this basis, it is recommended that engineering educators think critically about integrating efforts to strengthen students’ harmonious passion for engineering throughout college. Further research is needed to identify other factors that could inspire harmonious passion and grit.



Engineering education. Harmonious passion.