The San Antonio Spurs: A Case Study in Organizational Culture




Hunt, Benjamin

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In this thesis, I analyze the organizational culture of the San Antonio Spurs in order to determine what makes the Spurs successful. An in-depth film analysis, statistical breakdowns, first-person interviews, and a comparison of the many books and articles written about the Spurs reveals one theme that unites each member of the Spurs organization, players, coaching staff, and owners alike: a team before individual mindset. From the X’s and O’s on the court, to the organization’s core principles off the court, it is evident that each individual within the Spurs organization commits to put the team’s goals ahead of his or her own. By understanding how the Spurs created and maintain this type of culture, organizations of all kinds can emulate the Spurs’ example, taking lessons from the basketball court and applying them to the boardroom, classroom, or any other workplace. In so doing, organizations will increase their efficiency, consistency, and sustainability, thereby assuring greater organizational success.