How African American children respond to culturally relevant stories in mathematics : an ethnographic case study.




Corp, Amy K.

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This study examined the responses of African American students in two third grade mathematics classes to the use of African American stories that were utilized as a pedagogy to teach mathematics. All 41 students in the two classes received mathematics instruction that began with an African American story, followed by mathematical discourse and concluded with solving problems that correlated with the story. The focus of this study was on the responses of the seventeen African American participants. The researcher conducted field observations during these lessons. The researcher recorded responses by these students on protocols; while the story was read aloud, during mathematical discourse and problem-solving times. Students reflected weekly by answering five questions that gave them an opportunity to share their perspective on the African American stories. The teacher reflected on each lesson as well, describing thoughts on how students responded to the story in the lesson. Results revealed that African American students responded to the use of African American stories with engagement and enjoyment, and the stories helped them think about mathematics to some degree. Results further indicated that students perceived the cultural relevance of the stories.



Mathematics education., Educational research., Case study., Student perspective., Culturally responsive teaching.